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About Me...

My name is Taylor Ray Holbrook. 
Ever wonder what it would be like to go viral on the internet & then be able to make a living from your talent? 
Well... that happened to me! lol

24 years ago I was born into SouthWest Virginia, raised in a tiny town called "Dot"
Real tiny...
"Dot" is currently unGooglable & I wish to keep it that way! 
Fast forward...

Through high-school & college, I worked for my Papaw's 3-man logging crew. 
I ran "the yard", which consisted of de-limbing & cutting up all the trees brought from the mountains to fit the market, as well as running a huge knuckle-boom, (capable of lifting semi-trucks, as well as your troubles away) loading & unloading log- trucks.  
I didn't wish to do this every day of my life ^ for this is hard work people. lol 
BUT, I also didn't want to leave my hometown for work... & living an hour from real civilization, requires you to leave if you wanna work...
UNLESS you wanna work in the prisons nearby... 
SO, I went to community college on an AIMS scholarship (for free) & graduated with an Associates Degree in Police Science & an Associates Degree in Corrections. 
Shortly after graduating, I got the job at "Wallen's Ridge State Prison" 1 of the 2 Super-Maximum Prisons within the state.
21 years old, perfectly content with my 30 thousand dollar a year job, still living with momma... :P 

After being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time within my 1 year of training as an officer... I was terminated from the prison for being in a
"Non-Alert Position" 
Basically this Sgt. tried to say I was asleep on the job..
But really, this Sgt. was under thorough investigation because she sucked at her job & in order to make herself look a little better under the eyes of The Warden, she needed to divert the attention somehow & get a "good job" pat on the back..
She achieved this pat on the back by having a trainee terminated... 
*That'll Show'em, Make An Example* kind've psychology.
UPDATE: This same SGT was fired from the prison for being in a "non-alert position" lol Karma for the win!!!!! <3 

My 2 degrees became worthless, for no prison would hire me with a termination on my record from a Super-Max Prison, so I went back to logging to keep a steady income... 
Confused at 21 years old as to what I was going to do with my life... 
I spent a lot of time keeping myself sane & entertained on my cell phone.
Sometimes my log crew would be 30 minutes into the holler, so I would have 30 minutes of time to kill if I could keep up with their work flow. 

After a stressful day of work, I got into a hurry & cut my leg with my chainsaw... 
30 minutes of a wait for the boys in the holler to doze back to me. 
30 minutes drive to the nearest hospital. 
100+ stitches later, I woke up & still had a leg AS WELL as a 6 week vacation! :P 

This is when life took an interesting turn... lol
I posted a video of me singing a Luke Bryan song before going to bed & before I knew it, I had 30,000 people following me... 

I quit my job & started diving into music full-time. 
I knew there was something special to what I had going on when I had a record deal offered to me before I had even released any music! =D 

I started learning to write... Learning the industry... Learning to perform... Etc.
When I finally figured out it was only gonna cost me $9.99 to release my music to all these people becoming my fan, I released my first song "Steal My Kiss" 
Which hit #4 on The Country Charts within 24 hours of its release onto iTunes!!!! 
Blew my mind too... lol 

I made enough money to buy my dads truck, fix it, & then move to Nashville! 
I have now released a few more songs... & am on the way to releasing lots more as an Independent Artist! =D 

I literally work for the people who enjoy me as a person & an artist... Life has turned out much differently than I'd ever imagined & I am so grateful...

Thank you to my fans <3 
Life Is Great!

-Taylor Ray 


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